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Kokua Line answers the Hawaii community’s most asked questions. Got a question? Find out how you can submit it to be featured.

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                                Red light violator traffic cam located at the intersection of Punchbowl and Vineyard.
Kokua Line: Can we get a red-light traffic camera?

Question: Will they be installing a red-light traffic camera at the intersection of Piikoi and Lunalilo streets? The number of drivers turning left from Piikoi onto Lunalilo causing gridlock for those exiting the freeway onto Lunalilo Street westbound is outrageous. We’ve missed five signal changes on one occasion. Read more

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                                The exterior of the Internal Revenue Service building in Washington.
Kokua Line: Is IRS cracking down on pandemic fraud?

Question: I am basically self- employed with my husband, and I keep getting alerts that I am missing out on a tax credit for paying employees during COVID-19. I think it’s a scam, but they look real and tax rules aren’t always logical. Are others getting these? Read more

Kokua Line: Can I still renew passport online?

Question: How long will the online passport renewal be down? If it doesn’t come back up soon, can I renew in person, or do I have to do it by mail? I’ve already bought plane tickets for June. Read more

Christine Donnelly, Honolulu Star-Advertiser Kokua Line Columnist.
Kokua Line: Is Hobron Lane traffic flow changing?

Question: Is the state Department of Transportation going to allow “right turn on red” again at Hobron Lane and Ala Moana Boulevard? Traffic is a mess there, especially during morning rush hour. Changes they made a few months ago jam cars up. I saw road workers out again now, which I hope means they are relenting. Read more

                                This illustration from the Hawaii Driver’s Manual shows how to enter the freeway.
Kokua Line: Who rules in freeway merge?

Question: You should check but I’m pretty sure the guy complaining about traffic merging onto the freeway had it wrong on both counts. Read more

Kokua Line: When is the next passport fair?

Question: How can we find out about special events to get a passport if we don’t happen to see a flyer? I mentioned to a friend that I was trying to make an appointment at the main library to get my passport, and he said there was a walk-in event, which is over now. He knew about it because he uses that library a lot. Read more

                                At Blaisdell Park in Aiea.
Kokua Line: Why couldn’t I get a picnic permit?

Question: Neal S. Blaisdell Park overlooking Pearl Harbor is a heavily used park popular with families who get permits to meet up there for large picnics and get-togethers with extended family and friends. In February we wanted to get a permit for early March, but we couldn’t get one, supposedly because there would be no parking due to repaving, which we don’t see happening. What’s going on? Read more

                                A person deposits mail in a box outside United States Post Office.
Kokua Line: Are half-price stamps for real?

Question: Every so often lately, an advertisement for 100 USPS Forever stamps at half-price pops up on my Facebook account. I have been deleting it immediately, under the tried-and-true advice that, “if it sounds too good to be true … ” Now I’m wondering if I am actually missing out on a legitimate bargain. I do love selecting the perfect greeting card for every occasion, and sending it off to loved ones. Read more

                                A sample of the misprint from the state Department of Transportation on the right, with “Hawaii” in sans serif font. The correct script font is at left.
Kokua Line: Why replace wrong-font license?

Question: I got one of those wrong licenses, which took more than six weeks to receive in the mail. Now I have to get a new license. Why is that necessary when TSA is saying they will accept the misprint? And how long will it take? Read more

                                Pickleball players, Bill and Skye Kowalski playing their favorite sport at Ft. DeRussy courts in Waikiki.
Kokua Line: Will the city add pickleball courts?

Question: What is being done to alleviate the need for pickleball courts on Oahu? Parks & Rec did a survey in 2022 that showed the need, but I haven’t heard much since. My family loves to play, and sometimes we drive all over looking for open courts. This is something healthy that keiki and kupuna can do together, and the city should be encouraging it. Read more

                                Pictured are people lined up at the customer service windows at Kapalama Hale.
Kokua Line: Will DMV still mail delayed license-plate tag?

Question: The DMV said people whose online motor vehicle renewal was delayed by the “technological glitch” should receive their emblem in the mail by the end of February ( We didn’t. Must we go to a satellite city hall to pick it up? Read more

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