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Browse food and drink recipes for every occasion featuring Hawaii chefs and home cooks, and popular recipes from The New York Times.

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A fun flax snack

In vegan baking, the main hurdle is replacing eggs. One tried-and-true solution is ground flax seeds dissolved in water, which binds and thickens the batter much like an egg would. Read more

Doughy delights

A roasted sweet potato reminds me of Japan almost as much as a bowl of ramen, and definitely contains just as much enthusiasm. Read more

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Oodles of noodles

Sometimes called Singapore noodles, chow mei fun is a homestyle dish made with thin rice noodles, also called rice vermicelli. Read more

That’s a wrap

If you’re a dim sum lover, you’ve probably seen tofu skin wraps like these, stuffed with various meats, shrimp or vegetables. Read more

A simple guac

Breadfruit — or ulu in Hawaiian — is often compared to a potato, and is used in similar ways. Read more

Cozy comfort food

Cooking can be done just by following directions, but having the familiarity and witnessing food chemistry in action is what elevates you to being a “cook.” Read more

Crispy cutlets

Oksana Kroshka moved to Hawaii five months ago from Kremenchuk in central Ukraine to live with her daughter Vlada, who married a man from Hawaii. Read more

Taste the rainbow

Whatever You have in your pantry and refrigerator can be arranged in a container so you have a ready-to-eat salad at work or at home. Read more

A tasty salad

If you’re boiling water, you may as well use the heat to cook more than one thing. Read more

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